Monday, 17 February 2014

Open Up Your Heart and Let the Sunshine In!

That song popped into my head today - I used to sing it when I was still a preschooler.  I was so excited when my dad bought the sheet music for it.  There was a picture on it of a chubby, adorable little girl - I was pretty sure it was me!

Well, fast forward about 55 years and here I am, suddenly, opening up and letting the sunshine in.  Smiling because "frown-ers never win!"  Last week I focused more on my food, leaving out much of the sugar, most of the grains and quite a bit of the sodium!  I gained half a pound!  But wait, frown-ers never win!  And there is the crux - when life dishes out unexpected hiccups to our well laid plans, the first thing I do (Do you?) is complain.  Why?  Why? Why?  Why, when I ate so much better?  Why, when I really, really wanted it?  Why, when I was trying so hard?  Well, why not?  After all, this is a many-pronged journey I am on!

So, this week I am continuing on my journey - food - same with even less sugar but I am adding more water back into the equation (slosh, slosh, gurgle); and, walking every day.  Yep, that sun is shining for a reason - just so I  can go walking in this winter wonderland without freezing.  Grin!  Of course, the sidewalks are too icy for safe travel and I am slowed down by that and the cars I am now having to maneuver around as I zigzag on my route through the ice fields.  But the sun, people, the sun is shining!

Forecast for the rest of the week - above zero and sunny.  Finally!  I am not surprised this sense of warm fuzz-ees has overtaken me at this time of the year.  It usually does! I think that I suffer from SAD and December in Alberta is SAD!  But, I skipped part of that by heading south and landed back in sunshine in January - no February - so - my body says it is good to go.

My goal is 10000 steps a day - hard to imagine but I scored that and more on some weekends.  We skipped the ice and slightly cooler late afternoon sun last week and wandered the aisles at our local Home Depot.  Less crowded and fewer temptations than, say, Cross Iron Mills Mall or even Superstore!  More focused walking, even speed walking, and no one even noticed us!  We did take a side trip to check out kitchen counters but no buying!  Not yet anyway!

Tomorrow, yes, tomorrow, the sun will come out!

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