Saturday, 7 January 2012

Day 7 - January 7, 2012

A busy day of errands and shopping - for the basement renovation.  Actually returned more than we bought!  Crazy.  Ate a late breakfast, ran around until 2 PM and then went home for a late lunch.  Headed back out but made it home for a delicious dinner of fish cakes and a spinach/lettuce salad with apple, walnuts and crumbled bluecheese.  It was so good!  Not a bad day for eating but I am tiired - once again my sleep was delayed and not as restful as I would hope. 

Looking at today and the low cravings I have been experiencing I can only say it has to be the lack of sugar.  I even had a piece of rye sourdough toast with breakfast without suffering.  I can't be the only person who is so sensitive to sugar!  I even looked at the chocolate cake Raouf brought home and thought - nope, not interested.  That is bizarre.

So, I also looked at Raouf today and noticed how much weight he has lost around his face.  How fair is that - I am the one eating carefully and he is the one losing weight!  Well, I hope he is not the only one!  I will find out tomorrow AM.  With the loss the previous week, it might be a slow week for me - I will need to remember it is about the journey and not the destination! 

Steeling myself for the digital data of Sunday AM but re-writing my story all the same.  Like the mural, I am not alone, the days are looking brighter and more beautiful - amazing what you find in an old alley around a dirty corner!


  1. NO -- you are not the only one with the sugar cravings. Focus- focus balanced meals and snacks on a regular time table --- I'm with you on the same journey one day at a time.

  2. Thanks for you note - I have a follower!