Thursday, 12 January 2012

Days 9, 10 & 11 January 9 to 11, 2012

I have been musing over my memories of the week so far and trying to find the joy of pursuing healthy living buried under the minutes and hours of daily life!  I got my "perspective" shovel out today to work my way through my feelings and subsequent actions and here is what I have discovered.
    • My eating has become progressively "spontaneous" in direct relation to how busy or overwhelmed I am - at work or at home.  
  • Delaying my dinner time by running errands or working late almost guarantees an evening of grazing on anything I can justify as being healthy including cold cereals with hidden sugar.  
  • Taking that first bite after 7 PM sets the scene for two or three hours of crazed cravings.

Now, nothing above is rocket science and even "new" information.  I conveniently sweep such wise observations into the shadows perhaps because the craving I experience to quiet my anxieties or fill up some other missing element in my life at that particular moment is more important than getting to my goal.  New patterns take time but they do happen.  I know that.  Of course, right now I have just finished a healthy lunch and I am writing with a "happy" tummy with my chair far from any potential snack food that could come calling.

Small things, simple steps, changes that can make a difference when accumulated over time - these are the things I will focus on this week.

Change #1:  Plan my snacks so they are easier to grab (balanced with a protein and no added sugar).
Change #2:  Eat dinner on time even if it is one of my planned snacks for the day.
Change #3:  Eat only until 7 PM each evening limiting myself to herbal tea or water after that time.

And, an ongoing, up and down activity I introduced months ago - drink my water every day!

So, with some small, achievable and measurable goals in place, let's see if the cravings decrease and the nightly grazing sessions disappear.  I will put on my PINK HAT of authenticity (it's a whole other story I will share some day!) and face forward.  Anyone have other suggestions for another week?

Symptom Checklist:
Eyes irritated intermittently; a little tired from lack of sleep (fighting a cold); energy level - slightly below my new average; stuffed up sinuses - could be a cold.

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