Thursday, 5 January 2012

Day 4 - January 4, 2012

Whoops - missed posting already!  I am holding on to the premise posted yesterday that this is about the journey and not the goal.  Yesterday I was so tired in the morning I thought my brain fog had returned!  I was nodding off while driving to work - how dangerous is that.  Perked up by afternoon and realized the allergy medication I popped in the AM was not a non-drowsy drug.  Not good and not to be repeated.  I skipped lunch to go shopping and suffered all day with cravings.  I went back to the mall after work and the late dinner was a bust - new recipe was less than satisfying and tasted only so-so - so much for experimentation!  Cravings continued to haunt me into the evening and I stayed up late and ate popcorn and cookies.  Double yikes!  Looking at this day as a learning experience and recognizing that I cannot skip a meal or I will face insurmountable temptations.  Even steven does the trick when blood sugar levels are so paramount to my success.  So, the journey continues as I stumble back on the path with my delicious bowl of porridge this AM and fruit and nuts packed for snacks.  A turkey curry awaits me for lunch and stuffed peppers for dinner.

Symptons: Out of control cravings; sleepiness in AM; wakefulness in PM; irritability in evening.

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