Monday, 9 January 2012

Day 8 January 8, 2012

Now here is the challenge - how do you keep a daily journal interesting when you are just your average 60-something woman doing average, normal things? 

What set this weekend apart from any other?  Well, happily due to my increased energy, I was able to have my oldest granddaughter, Alexa, over after work on Friday evening and help her with her science homework.  Joy oh joy - I get to help with homework again.  I say that sincerely - I love this kind of stuff!  Why did I get called - because her sewing lessons over vacation had really had an influence on her thinking overall and she decided that the alien she was designing for life on Mercury could be sewn from fabric.  She showed up with bright, lava-orange fabric and a head full of ideas and off we went.  It was so much fun - well, for me anyway!  I am sure Alexa also enjoyed the time - she was so excited about the whole process and how great her project was going to be when she made her presentation.  It sure took me back to many, many science projects with my girls over the years.  I somehow raised some very strong anti-smoking activists if I remember the science projects correctly. 

A stuffed lump of lava with arms was finally whisked off to show mom and dad and I returned home to the clutter of threads and fabric scraps and my sewing machine camped out on the dining room table - it looked wonderful and I smiled about all the times I had complained when my own daughters had messed up the house with their projects.  A new perspective on clutter when it comes from time spent with grandchildren.

I faced a full day of errands and frantic trips to choose and return and find light fixtures for our own project - the basement.  Fighting colds, Raouf and I tackled the left over painting projects (do they ever get done?!) early Sunday and then I gave myself a gift - a healthy gift - I had an afternoon nap.  It was perfect in every way.  I woke up to the aroma of a spicy lentil soup and coasted through the remainder of the day. 

Oh yeah, I faced the scale on Sunday AM - fearing the number but knowing I had succeeded in making a change to my life regardless, I stepped on the little machine.  I was down one pound - now that was fine and is part of the journey one step at a time but, of course I was hoping for two!  I have to be careful to acknowledge that my journey is one of learning new things, trying something different, and living healthy regardless of the weight loss.  However, weight is a very tangible piece of data in the quest for health and one that can be charted, compared, discussed and recorded so it somehow appoints itself as King of Healthy Living.  I will do my best to keep it in its place on this journey.  Balanced and focused on the journey...........brilliant!

Sypmton Checklist:  eyes are reacting a little (was it something I ate or the drywall dust?); tired (hmmmm); some cravings set in - perhaps it because I was tasting the Tunisian "cookies" Raouf made?  (chickpea flour, butter, a bit of sugar, etc.) 

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