Monday, 2 January 2012

Day Two - January 2, 2012 - It's the Simple Things

Today was not without its challenges but, in the end, it was the simple things that got me through the day.  Yesterday's walk fulfilled my sunshine quotient for today's cloudy skies.  This set the scene to some serious painting in our new family room which eventually lead me to exhaustion way before my partner was finished!  Need to work on that stamina.

Dinner was scrumptious and simple - a dollop of pesto on the tilapia and voila - instant healthy flavour!  Combined with a very simple stir fry (not Chinese!) and I hit my mark for a healthy meal.  Found I had the munchies a little today - maybe I worked through my snack time or was too late for lunch.  I will have to watch the timing of my meals when I am busy at home.  Nairn's oak cakes came to the rescue with some almonds and a pear.  I am finding that an old weight watcher standby - like 40 years old - helped too - warm milk with vanilla.  Tomorrow I will use cinnamon but, tonight, it stopped my cravings in their tracks.

Sympton check:  eyes a little itchy and watery (could be the drywall dust); tired (definitely because I stayed up way too late last night - 8 hours of sleep is important to me); mood - content and excited about our new family room.  I have found I have had to watch excitement - it interferes with my sleep!  Making a note to self: investigate meditation once again - helped before.

So, Day Two done. A little planning is in order to get ready for Day Three and Four - clipped out these delicious looking recipes - a sort-of-pizza made with chick pea flour plus some lentil stuffed peppers with quinoa - thank goodness my spouse is retired and loves to cook! 

Good night world.  Some day I might have a follower!

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