Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day Three - January 3, 2012 - Resolutions for Life

I had resolved never to resolve again – by March these resolutions are just a memory of another dream tossed along the road – well, maybe not that dramatic, but, tossed! According to author and life coach, Gene Hayden, I lack the follow through factor – and she has written a book about that very thing.

Now, here is a new way of looking at New Year’s resolutions. These courageous decisions are not only about “the goal”- they are about the journey. I love this thought – the goal is not necessarily the biggest, most amazing thing, and, may even turn out to be a little disappointing- it is about the steps along the way, the story you get to write about your life, the story that is your life and how it changes when there is follow through.

This year I plan on hitting re-wind and then re-writing a different chapter for this story of a cautious life. I will have new things to talk about or write about, new energy to tap into as I plan and dream, new things to do as I move toward my goal – a new energized, healthy life one step at a time.

I realize I can expect to run into hurdles along the way - the follow through factor challenge! I can either problem solve or retreat but digging deep and contracting with myself that I will not give up and then honoring that deal will guarantee something will change over the next 365 days - at the very least, I will have an exciting, interesting story to share with those around me!

Sympton Check:  Earlier allergy attack but cleared in afternoon; eyes OK, tired but not excessively sleepy, no brain fog, content

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