Sunday, 29 April 2012

120 Days - Life Loves....

Well, I just did the calculation - 120 days into my quest to a healthier me.  I have faced challenges but not given up on the journey.  My knee has now been diagnosed as a torn meniscus - possibly it will repair itself; maybe it won't - either way I continue on.  The doctor has warned me not to take on any demanding athletic endeavours - jumping, running, jogging - that got an internal giggle out of me.  Really!  Looks like well chosen exercise to strengthen my quad's and a positive attitude is what is required.  Weight loss would also be in order - although this 300 plus pound doctor did not suggest that!

I remember my mom at this age and I think it was right about now the doctor told her to lose weight (her knees were bad along with her back) or she would not be walking in two years.  She did lose that weight and even fought for and got a knee replacement in her 80's.  With that as my inspiration, I will keep moving forward with my weight loss and maybe, just maybe, I too will live into my my 90's.

I have dumped the Access bars sold through Melaleuca.  It could be just the wrong time for me or it could be they have just a little too much sugar in them to really benefit my journey.

I have re-done my diet once again and returned to no grains and very, very little sugar or foods that act like sugar.  As before, when I went on the full elimination diet, within three days my brain fog lifted, my energy returned, my aches & pains reduced and my mood lifted (although that could be in part due to the amazing Alberta sun this week).  Also, the most obvious measure of my allergies, my eyes, started to clear up again.  I almost feel like I should go back and bold and highlight and increase the font to 28 or more just so I can remember and, more importantly, accept that here in lies the secret to my improved health.  One more thing, I consistently increased my water intake over the week to close to 6 cups per day - not going for perfection here!  In addition to the already mentioned gains in general well being, I lost 4 pounds.  Probably fluid - which I did need to drop - but more importantly, 4 X 4 = 16 less pounds of pressure on my worn out knees!  That, fellow bloggers, brings me to a grand total of 24 pounds since November.

My task this week is to research Yoga for people like me and continue to resource the best exercise program for my situation.  Maybe a stationary lateral bike; definetly not a fitness membership!

Let me leave you with a quote I heard this week that has inspired me:

Life loves to be taken by the lapel and told: "I'm with you kid. Let's go."
Maja Angelou


  1. I received this comment privately - Sounds like a great idea!

    In order to go for walks I invested in a pair of URBAN walking "activator poles" for Seniors. The poles take some of the weight off the kness and you appear you are working out rather than the old lady with the cane--- much better for the moral. I love them - I could never walk the distance I do without them. ---

    Check them out on line: The company is based in BC.

  2. So proud of you mom, keep up the good work!