Sunday, 23 December 2012

How the INCH Tried to Steal Christmas

It was a snowy, snowy night and all the little WW's (Weight Watchers) were snug in their cozy homes drinking eggnog, munching on the last of the chocolates and shortbread and nodding off from turkey and stuffing and all the rest of the Christmas feast. They had been to the town square, sang carols around the tree, sipped a little mulled wine and then joked and laughed with each other as they headed back to their little homes scattered along the base of the mountain they called their own.

No sugar plums dancing in their heads tonight - they were all eaten by noon today! The stockings were no longer hanging; they were hidden in little WW's closets still full of old nuts, oranges and a little Christmas candy - not a chocolate snowman to be seen. The living rooms of the little village were strewn with a few dishes of nuts & bolts on coffee tables, one lonely piece of mincemeat pie left on the kitchen counter and cookie crumbs swept under the mat for tomorrows clean up.   Smiles lingered on many faces as they patted their tummies in satisfaction and headed off to bed.

The clocks ticked the minutes off slowly - tick tock; tick tock - until all hit midnight and chimed out twelve times. A fog rolled in, filling their minds with fear of scales, inches, and INCH monsters lerking in the bathrooms of that little nation, ready to pounce at first light on each little WW as they stumbled into their day on December 26. Some lightened their spirits with anticipation of the fun planned for the day. Others dragged their feet through the shadows of early dawn and refused to turn on the light in case they really did see an INCH monster in the corner. Shower, teeth, lotion, blow dry - what more could those WW's do on a winter morning as their spirts became heavier and heavier.

Those who were preparing to enjoy another day in their winter wonderland or on the beach, if truly blessed, spent no time worrying about the INCH monster in the bathroom. They had no time to waste - there was a whole new day to enjoy and with only five days to New Years Eve, they wanted to enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the rest of this year. Their spirits were light as air, bouncing off ski hills, sliding across icy ponds or skipping along trails in parks or even along the city streets, calling out to fellow WW spirits and wishing them well.

The WW's so focused on the INCH monsters they imagined waiting to greet them, went back to bed, filled their heavy spirits with doubt, despair and distaste and remembered only the cream, sugar and extra spiked eggnog of the weeks before. They finally weighed their spirits - one by one - as noon approached. The scales tipped upward and upward and their spirits seemed to get even heavier. Their sighs filled the air with a cloud of despair that seeped out their windows, travelling down the streets of their villages and cities and on to the networks of the land.

The light hearted WW's felt this cold, frosty reminder of some of their own Christmas's past when they too were weighed down with fear and disgust after tipping a few too many nogs or munching a dozen shortbreads. They paused in their day, stopped in their tracks, and in one chorus, started to sing a song that coursed through the crisp air and floated into the windows and on to the computers and laptops of their heavy spirited friends.

The words seeped into those cold, empty hearts and with gentle fingers grasped on to their even heavier spirits, shaking, rattling, squeezing, hugging, and most of all, stuffing them with lighter, warmer, more caring thoughts of joy, health, contentment and hope. One by one, those heavy spirits started to come to life, vibrate with anticipation, some even shouted with joy. A new day had dawned in WW land!  Singing erupted throughout WW land that day and every day after. No scale or tape measure was going to steal their Christmas, New Years, Birthday or Hannekah again!  Joy, hope, and most of all friends would keep their spirits light every day!  Let the celebration of health and hope lift all the heavy spirits.

Merry Christmas to all and may health and hope fill your hearts today and tomorrow and tomorrow as we journey along this path together!

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