Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Right Brain Activity Points

So, I joined Weight Watchers online again and have spent this week trying to figure out the points!  I am marking my days like I used to mark my hours when I worked full time. Not such a good habit. Numbers are OK but I can be overwhelmed with them sometimes. They tend to take on a mammoth size, growing like monsters until I am cringing under the dining room table, holding my fork in front of me like a weapon. Well, maybe not quite that bad. Still, I know I can't focus 100% on the numbers - weight, points, days, steps.

One thing I have learned this year is to spend some time in my right brain instead of camping in my left one! I worked in my left brain for 24 years and only took the occasional run at my creative side. Now that I can choose, I have started to play again. I am hoping that this will give me the motivation to fill my moments with "doing" instead of focusing always on my food. Of course, I do have to add a little activity in there to keep my joints oiled and keep me out of assisted living for a few decades, but, I plan on embracing fun - that is a BIG change for me! 

When I start getting serious about my painting or spend too much time agonizing over my writing, it will be time to try something else! So, how many Right Brain Activity Points is painting worth, anyway? 



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