Wednesday, 6 March 2013


So, came across this little play on the visual (thanks sis!) and thought, is it? And, what is the difference. Did you see Life is NO where? or Life is Now here? As I got my boots on for my noon walk I got to thinking: "Has my perspective changed?" Then, I shot a glance out the window at the grey skies and leaf-less trees and snow-covered streets and turned with a smile thinking: "You bet it has!"

Before this 40 lb loss - in my "Life is no where" phase:

1. I would never have contemplated climbing 27 flights of stairs in one day!
2. I would never have even thought about going for a walk on a grey, dull, cold day in March - let alone 26 city blocks!
3. I would never have considered rolling around on an exercise ball like I did last night, doing backward leg raises with ease!
4. I would never have done any of the above even if I had thought of it!

So, Life is NOW here!  FOR ME! Even though I whine and complain about aches and pains, I sometimes secretly enjoy thinking that I am now one of those people who have earned that right to hurt from being able to exercise! And, when I buy my new bike (yep, me, spending money on a bike! So not the old me!), I will revel in being able to complain about my sore seat, my aching calves, my skinned knuckles (I anticipate at least one fall or near crash!) because it will mean I am out there doing life. 

Yeah for a new perspective! 

Life is NOW here and, grumble and grouch as I do and will - 
I will live it and love it until the day I die!

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