Thursday, 6 November 2014

Another Day 1

Back to Square 1, starting over, first step - AGAIN!  Never quit!  As per my July post (whoops, that was Day 1 too), I know what needs to happen to get me from the couch to the playground again.  I cannot say it enough times really - no matter what excuse I use - no time, no support, no discipline - they all add up to no change.  I used to think that once retirement set in I would have the time, be less stressed, more motivated to get back in the game.  If you think that way too, STOP.  It is only your head playing with you.  Time is not the problem; time is not my problem - I am retired!

So - the game plan this year (and next and the next) is to re-focus gently, lovingly, with forgiveness and patience and really look at the change that is right for me right now.  Good health has always been the goal and I can look back at my former self and see that I have come a long way even with the set backs.  Each set back has carried with it another piece of learning.  This time it is two fold:  1. be patient with "me" and 2. continue on living authentically.  Simple.

Dr. Henry Cloud recently posted a commentary on feelings - or, more specifically what it takes to NOT feel!  It reminded me about what my Head knowledge has always told me - that stuffing the uncomfortable means stuffing the best too - joy, excitement, anticipation, love.  For me, that means that when I am so full of feelings I could burst I need a lot of food to keep them all down there!  Taking the lid off the vent is a little dangerous when done alone - I might explode and damage something important! That's where all of you come in!  I mean YOU - good friends (really good friends!) by reading my blog, nodding your virtual heads together, tapping your toes to the "Authenticity Chorus;" and, dancing down that crazy path called life.  The journey to health just isn't meant to be solo!

Good living is a many pronged journey - isolation is self-defeating.  I say Go Team!

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