Friday, 13 October 2017

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge Day 2

Well, I didn't really cook for myself on Day 1 but no problem sticking with clean foods. Buddha Salad will have to happen another day!

Day 2 - Eat walnuts!  Yeah. I love these on my oatmeal in the morning and on salads or in apple crisps! Today? Hmmmm. I missed them on my oatmeal (forgot!) but will make some trail mix perhaps with walnuts for consumption. I could also make gluten free granola.  Stay tuned. 

It feels like I am steamrolling my way through this - oh yea, it is only Day 2. My main challenge is going to be when it gets around to cutting sugar, reducing uncomplicated carbs, and watching the portion sizes. I am determined to stay away from the craziness of crazy, crash eating.

But today - well, today I say BRING ON THE WALNUTS!  Walking tall!

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