Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Thirty Day Clean Eating Challenge!

Made my decision. Going for it. Little steps.

Although I get sick of trying every new trendy eating style that hits the internet, I have noted that similarities between the successful ones! Eating clean is definitely one of them. I like to keep away from anything that requires purchasing packaged meals, major supplements, or the latest book - although the book thing is a weakness of mine no matter what I try.  Getting healthy in my senior years seems like a no-brain-er; doing it as a food addict is a BIG challenge. But, I am going to take it on, Sisters and Brothers. I am moving forward and it all starts with Day One!

Eat foods without labels.

Since we do this anyway most of the time except when I am packing a chocolate bar or ice cream treat, that is.  Otherwise, we - our house - do not buy pre-packaged chemicals of any kind. BUT, I am going to make it my goal to try a recipe a day also. Since I am not the chief cook in our house, this is more of a challenge than eating foods without labels.  So, my challenge on Day One is:

Make a dish encompassing food without labels!

Buddha Bowl here we come.

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